Belize Action Community (BAC)
We the Belize Action Community have dedicated ourselves to empowering Belize children to choose their own greatness.  Our goal is to help our children to create self-esteem, to work as a team, to create our future independent of our past limitations.  We will assist our Belizean children in achieving their greatness in wealth, health, relationships and self expression, one mind at a time.








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The BAC has designed a programme to identify and address some of the issues that are adversely affecting our youth in the 21st century.

The programme will provide job skills training in construction, arts and sports. For those who excel, and have a higher need for learning we will provide academic counseling with scholarships as incentives. On the other hand, those who are marginal academically will receive culturally relevant counseling.

Our ideas are based on a vision that sees today’s youth as our future fathers, mothers and societal leaders going into the new millennium. Because of the role the youth play in the maintenance of our society, it is vital that they envision our communities as interconnected, not divided or separate because of political orientation or ethnic differences. We are all one race-Human.


Our goal is to provide the socially and economically disadvantaged with a medium to grow both emotionally and academically. This will result in the socio-economic growth of the communities where they live. The positive and productive human beings with the ability to implement new ideas using teamwork instead of the “me-first” attitude will be the end product.

The BAC programme does not discriminate against females. As a matter of fact, it recognizes that young girls are as vulnerable as young men in our society where young  girls become mothers when they are still children. The BAC programme will build strong minds and strong bodies to give all its young female participants the tools to build a strong foundation for a productive life.



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The BAC programme would not be possible without the community effort it receives from: the National Sports Council, Grace Kennedy Belize, Capital Life Insurance, Advance Advertising, Travelers Liquors, Belize Electricity Limited, The Bank of Nova Scotia, The Toolshed, Texaco Belize, Crystal Water, The Angelus Press, First Division Football Players, Semi-Pro Players, The BAC Executive, and many others too numerous to mention.

To all we say THANK YOU

The only real requirement is the willingness to develop self-discipline and gain tolerance to use teamwork as the cohesive bonding agent between fathers, mothers, leaders, followers, government and its constituents. We believe that the development of these new skills coupled with the willingness of our youth to create a better society will result in bridging the cultural and economical gap that now threaten our society.


BAC is about developing discipline for life using football discipline as our textbook, the individual's passion for the game does the rest.






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